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My New to Me 98 Silverado got hit today. . . parts help

My recent purchase of a clean, use to be straight '98 silverado got hit in the mouth today.

I was in the far right lane coming up on my exit. A black Nissan pulled a three lane drift and cut in front of me at the exit. I Black gal gave me the stink eye on her way by me.

After taking the exit, she came to a slow crawl and kept staring in her mirror at me. We made it to the stop sign, where she proceeded to turn right on a red light. . . no big deal. I started a slow roll forward to see what was coming across the over pass before turning right.

I saw black SUV came racing down the overpass, so I stayed on the brakes waiting for them to pass. As soon as they got to me, the lights went out. . . like everything went dark for a few seconds. When I turned to look in front of me, wondering what the hell just happened, I see this Black gal in her Nissan starting to get out of her car! She had slammed her car into reverse and smashed into the front of my truck!!

I pulled around her and stopped I motioned for her to follow me to the parking lot next to the stop sign. . . which she did. There wasn't much room to park, but I managed to get a spot against the curb right next to the highway where she whacked me. I looked at the front of my truck and didn't see much damage initially. . . not much room to get in front and look, so I was peering from the drivers front corner. Bad decision on my part.

So I saunter over to her car and hardly a scratch on it! This 5' nothing chubby Black gal jumps out and takes one look at my 6' 3" not to happy face and her demeanor changed.

I asked her what she was thinking and she said "there was a truck coming and the light was red. . ."
Yeah, so what? You were already turned. . .
"I was afraid he was going to hit me."

She opened her trunk and apparently her whole life was in there. . . She said "I have insurance, do you have insurance?" I told he I did. She said "It doesn't look like there is any damage." Yup, I agreed.

So I said "do you just want to leave it as is?" Remember, I hadn't seen my truck from the front as there was no room get in front for a good look. PLUS, I am having thoughts about the fact that I just settled a $2200 claim on my '74 Project truck from a a guy in his girlfriends BMW that tried to rearrange the rear of my truck (photos in my build thread) and didn't want the dreaded "you are a target rate increase" for two clowns hitting both trucks in less than 5 months time.

So, before I can get to my truck and take a final look, this gal is in her car, screaming through the intersection and headed back down I-5 South where she was headed before her three lane drift!

So, I get in the truck and head home. On the way I notice my hood doesn't look right. After parking in the driveway, I get out and holy crap! The lower part of the drivers side bumper is caved in, the valance is busted, chrome grill is broken in three or more places. . . and later, as the sun was setting and shining just right, I can see that the front fender has a buckle in it right above the wheel centerline!
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I also noticed a small, white plastic part in the channel of the rubber floor mat. . . with the worlds smallest ball bearing embedded in it. I have no idea what that part is or if it's even off the truck. I think it is, because I am pretty anal about things on the floorboards and would have seen it earlier. So, if anyone who can ID it, I would appreciate it.
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In the end, I think she was trying to pull an insurance scam. . . until a 6' 3" 265 pound angry white guy got out of the truck! Then she couldn't wait to get out of there.

So, because I was concerned about my insurance company calling me a "TARGET", it's now pick-n-pull time.

And I definitely need to identify this small white plastic part with the ball bearing.
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