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Re: 1966 C20- Great Grandpa's truck

Originally Posted by plmadding View Post
Thank you so much for that link!! I'll be doing that very soon. That will be a great help!
Welcome. You're surrounded by friends who know a lot, which is very helpful for those who ask and receive great advice. So, please ask and share as you do anything with that beautiful piece of history. You must be over the moon having your great grandfather's truck...that's a story I'd like to hear more of.

And - thanks for asking about the pedal thing. I'm a little taller than most, 6'4" and it's a bit tight, can't wait to move my pedals for some room, even an inch would be great. I've never come across that thread in all these years.

Best wishes to you and hope you're active on the boards. Have a good weekend.
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