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How did I get this OLD!
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Re: Good 67 find close to home

Up date to Documents as of today. Items not listed are RV JR MIRRORS R&L evidence of holes for said mirrors no other evidence of repaired holes. Also believe its a posi but that could have been added by PO's. Also has G60 AUXILIARY SPRINGS but could have been added later.
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1967 Oshawa built LWB Fleetside. 327,3 OTT, 515 Vermillion, Fawn interior. 04/15
1967 Oshawa built LWB Fleetside. 327 Auto, 545 Ver/Off-White, Fawn , CST, A85 belts, K31 throttle. 01/18
1967 Oshawa built LWB Fleetside, 327/Auto, 520 Lt Yellow,Custom, Panoramic Window, Parts Truck 10/18
67 Only parts bought and sold.
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