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How did I get this OLD!
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Re: Good 67 find close to home

Originally Posted by 67dummy View Post
Chrome trim around back window original? Never seen that.Can't tell from pic. but are corners separate pieces or is the chrome strip just one piece? Lock strip must just be chrome covered rubber insert material?
I think it's an after market insert. Bottom corners of the chrome trim 45ed. Clearly plastic moulding.
1967 Oshawa built LWB Fleetside. 327,3 OTT, 515 Vermillion, Fawn interior. 04/15
1967 Oshawa built LWB Fleetside. 327 Auto, 545 Vermillion/Off-White, Fawn interior, CST, factory shoulder harness, manual throttle. 01/18
67 Only parts bought and sold.
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