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Restoring a 68 SWB
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Project Underhaulin

If you haven't read or been involved in the thread about the Lady that lost her husband and was trying to sell off all her and her late husband's 67-72 Chevy Trucks on Ebay , then you must be wondering what this is all about. I would encourage you to go and read through the thread linked to above and then come back here, but I'll try to sum it up pretty quick.

As stated, this Lady suddenly lost her husband at the young age of 46. Her and her husband Clyde loved these old Chevy Trucks. When he died his wife Dawn was left with four of them. She posted three of them and a bunch of parts for sale on Ebay in one auction, but none of the items sold because it was just so much to haul off. One of our members posted her story in the thread linked to above. As of this date the thread has been viewed over 15,000 times. A lot of people's hearts went out to this lady because of her situation, so we decided to take up donations to help her. In one week we raised over $1500 through our board members donations. Some other boards members even got involved and donated.

It was decided to give Dawn $1,000, and to take the remainder and get her other truck on the road for her. The fourth truck that Dawn has is a 67 SWB and it's very special to her. Her and her husband called the truck "Ole Girl" and before his death they had plans to fix it up. So, as you probably gathered Dawn's 67 SWB will be the subject of this build. We hope by doing this for Dawn that it might bring some closure in her life regarding her husband's passing.

We only have $550 as of now to work with, so our plans are modest. Hopefully we can get some parts and maybe even more money donated to take this build a step further, but for now we are going to try and keep it simple. Hence the name - UNDERHAULIN.

Here's a few pictures of Dawns 67.

Here's a link to the Parts List. We will keep it updated.

You can send any donations for this project through PayPal.

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