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Re: Project Underhaulin

Originally Posted by Rokcrln View Post
I agree and know you mentioned it before about letting her know about it. I think it would help her to have a hands on input into the build. She may want some weird item done or installed that would make no sense to any of us but mean the world to her, you know what I mean! So I say let her know about it and all the SUPPORT not Charity that she is getting here and it may help fill a big hole in her life right now even if it is just a little.

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Those are my thoughts exactly, but her daughters had talked to her about moving the truck out of the garage and storing it at a friends house so she could get the garage cleaned up. They were wanting us to take it instead of actually storing it and surprise her, but I am with you guys. It's just gonna complicate things, but I am trying to respect her daughters opinions. Her daughter did tell me to do what I thought was best, so that's most likely gonna mean that I am going to tell her. That way we can explain why we are taking parts that she has and pulling parts off her other trucks. And, I agree it would be good so Dawn could have some input in what we are doing.

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