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Re: "Overhaulin" 52 gmc project

I agree about the bumper, I would have gone with the Cali one piece smoothie bumper on that truck. I not a fan of bumper guards mine will be coming off my 55 210 soon.

Precision fit, huh?! Why do you suppose the rear wheel tubs hover over the bed wood rather than the bed wood contouring around the tubs?
Because it was on overhaulin and a 7 day build you just don't have time to everything correct something has to give with a fast build. What I find wrong with the truck I chalk it up to a fast build. They could not do all they really wanted in that amount of time. But for a truck put together so fast its a hell of a build. I seen a lot worst that took years to finish. Mine may be one of

As far as my truck its coming along very slowing. That's not being nosy, knowing you guys are interested in my build keeps me I just posted some minor updates to my build thread if you want to check it out.

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