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Re: charging 2-12v batteries (non parallel/non-series using a 24v charger

Originally Posted by dmjlambert View Post
I don't believe that charging batteries in series is the best choice. If you're going to charge the batteries off board anyway, charge them individually or charge them in parallel with a 12V charger if they are the same capacity and same age.

There are battery balancers you can buy in order to charge them, but I think it's likely to be pseudo-science, or more expensive than a 12V charger. I'm not convinced there is really such a thing as balancing batteries for household or vehicle applications using plain lead-acid batteries.

Did the original charging system built into the scooter fail, and that is why you're trying to do something different?
The charging port on the scooter is OK. The TZORA manufacture wants $600 for a battery pair consisting of 2-35AH batteries. I want to make my own battery pack 0f 2/50AH that would be half the price. with the 24V charger I have will sense 12V and drop to that. I use the scooter in my yard/field much like it were a go cart/scooter. It drives well on or semi-off road. anyway the company wants to sell me an off board charger connect which hooks up to their wall-wart at a cost of 100. My charger has %/V/A gauge on it to monitor. I think using the Anderson 50amp connectors with heavy cables is more efficient than a factory charger end with a 3 pole mike connector with probably 18 gauge wire. I also think a better balance of 2 (like) would be 24 volts. I thank all of you fpr the diagrams and the more I sudy the series the more two wire connectors made into a two battery 12v charger is cheaper than another 12v charger. I guess the military 24v theory comes to mind.
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