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Re: Chevy Sport Truck questions

kevinr1970, I was told by the dealer that teh ruck had a HO 350. And, there is also a story here as well about this truck............

My Sierra GT was located for me by a Sales Manager at Union County Buick via their sister dealership Coast Pontiac GMC in Sea Girt, NJ. At the time, I was looking for a 2wd drive Chevy/GMC full size trcuk to customize. The Coast GMC dealership has changed onwers and name to T&T Coast. At Coast, I was told by the Sales Manager that the truck was special ordered by the previous Sales Manager who quit before the truck arrived at the dealership. Teh dealership was eager to sell the truck seeing that it was sitting in their showroom for a number of weeks. Not being familiar with the truck opition codes, I took the sales manager's word on 350 HO comment seeing that he was referred to me from a reliable source. I figured that it was probably the 350's seen in the police cars or camaros. (BTW, I have a stock 1993 police intercepter 350 in my 51 Ford Panel Truck with TBI pulled from a wreck police car in NJ.) Also, I never thought anything differnet due to the fact that the truck has great pickup and I am able to "chirp" the rear wheels into second gear (The 350 in the truck is chip, no nothing, except for the air cleaner). Basically, I had no reason to doubt it.

After reading the different threads on the site and learn about some of these codes, I am starting to beleive that the information I was told maybe false. On the actual dealer invoice for the trcuk it gives the L05 opition code. So, now I wonder..............

Please realize seeing that I am selling this truck, by no means do I want to provide to the possible buyer any incorrect information on the truck. Being a fan and hobbist of the muscle car realm, I am very adapt to the number and codes game that people can play. I do not want to be one of them.

Have to say thou...something is strange here with my truck. I am going to see if I can get the casting numbers on the back of the block.
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