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Re: Chevy Sport Truck questions

I will get some pics up by the end of the week. I need to assess how much work I have ahead of me. I want to return the truck to how it was when it rolled off the assembly line.

One thing I know I am going to need are the bucket seats and console. When I bought the truck almost 20 years ago my Dad said that bucket seats were impractical and he had the dealer take them out before delivery! Ouch!

It appears the 1992 - 1994 Suburbans were equipped with the same style seats, so I have some leads. The console on the '94 models has a recess on top and would have to be changed to be correct. Also, the Suburban consoles have a sliding tray in the rear which would not be right either, but close enough.

Here is a pic of a 1994 Suburban currently on CL in Houston. (notice console lid)
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