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Re: Project Checkbook - 1971 Jimmy Custom

Here is the tub up on the lift. The interior paint is completed. The underside was U-POL'd and I don't like it, but have decided to leave it on the bottom of the tub. I'm going to have it removed from the wheel wells, rocker boxes and lower firewall in favor of POR or some other smoother, satin black finish. The lower firewall will be painted the same ochre as the rest of the truck down to the breakline with the bottom of the tub.

The shop and I are refining the timeline and workplan for the remainder of the restoration. The tentative thought is to aim for completion next spring although both of us realize that many unforeseen variables affect such things. Money is also an issue as all of this won't come cheap. However, after paying so much money to have the truck torn down to the tub and frame I knew it would always bother me if I didn't go to this one further step to do things all-the-way.
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