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Cool Re: TBI Distributor

Originally Posted by hatzie View Post
The both look like aftermarket arrangements. The Spectra and Dorman senders don't seem to work quite as well as the original GM parts. Probably part of how the donors ended up at the parts breaker yard.

Again, some things are worth yarding for and some are not. I steer clear of this kind of electrical parts at the yard.

You can get a stock 1988-1991 RV Suburban GM Delphi HP10021 assembled sender/fuel pump hangar with the stock GM Walbro fuel pump already installed for between $100 & $260 depending on where you source it.
This one is $98 with 2 day prime $0 shipping. No monkey business with the wiring just plug it into the chassis harness and bolt down the ground.

If you intend to keep it a long time get a fuel pump cover from a 2000-2005 W-Body Impala and cut an access hole in the floor under the carpet. You could just use a floor patch section with some presstite tape (dum dum tape) and sheet metal screws... A little body work is a lot nicer than pulling the tank to service the fuel pump and it's hidden under the carpet.
Thanks again always expert advice! I'll buy this Friday.
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