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Re: Keepin' her stock - '63 C20 build

I finally got some tinkering time in on the truck. While waiting for the time to go out to the truck I did manage to get the fan painted and put away. I try and clean and paint small parts as I go along that way I am constantly doing a little something to progress the project.

The other thing I did was remove the left step and fender. What a pain that turned out to be. The step wasn't too bad even though I did have to drill out one the of carriage head bolts to finish getting it off. The fender was the hassle. I had to drill out every single bolt to get the fender off. That took forever. Once the fender was off I peeled off some of the loose original undercoating off the bed side and got a good look at what was underneath. Notice the blue overspray.

The final thing I did was remove the transmission cover. I wanted to take a peek at the transmission brake to sate my curiosity. Man was that cover on there good. It was tough to get it pried off, the sealant was still holding amazingly well.

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