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Re: 81 Chevy K10 ShortBed

Got the drip rails installed, wasn't as bad as I thought. I recommend 2 people for this, as you are drilling 14 holes in your truck.

The tools I used were:
Corded drill (obviously)
3M double sided tape, good stuff VERY sticky.
1/8" drill bit
14 screws I used 8 x 1/2" Phillips stainless screws. (I got the screws with the drip rails, but I decided to buy new ones.
3M gasket adhesive, I put a little over the holes I drilled and screw end to ensure there will be no water getting in there.

I painted the channels with some black paint I used on the frame turned out nicely.

VERY carefully measure, check, measure, check again, and finally mark the holes.

Drill the holes, would be 10x more nerve racking if this was a fresh paint job!

One of the holes

All done! Looks better to me IMO.

Got the measurements within 1/8" of eachother on both sides. Now when and (if) it rains in socal, I won't get wet when I open the door.
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K10 build

The Peach build

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