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Tahoe Limited - New Daily Driver

Picking up a clean used 99 Tahoe Limited today. Have always liked these Tahoe's, but just never had the need. I currently drive a pretty rusty 99 Regal GS, but haul my little girls to and from daycare daily. Feel the tahoe is more structurally sound than the rusty regal is.

It already has a bluetooth Pioneer radio, so that is one less mod I will have to do. Some one has removed the hitch at some point or it never had one? Those are easy enough to come by though.

Planning to tint the front windows, clean up the front wheels best I can ( they have been stained with brake dust ) But all and all just going to drive it!

I'll get more pics tonight, but this is what I have so far. As i change/modify things I'll update this thread.

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