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Re: My 1959 Apache Build

I am very new to these old trucks so any advice you all can give would be greatly appreciated.

My plan is to drop it down a bit, add a bit of rake and make it handle & stop like a new ride. the whole process I expect to take a few years, with limited time and budget i cannot build it quickly. I want to go slow and do it right. Probably going to start by stripping, cleaning & painting the frame, then build out the rolling chassis before starting on the body & interior.

I do have a fairly well equipped shop (Lift, Welder, air tools...) and some fab skills which I will hone over the course of this project.

Advice I am looking for initially

1. Chassis, looking at IFS options, weld on, bolt on, what do you guys think?
2. Rear end options. What donor should I be looking for?
3. 4Link or flip axle over springs?
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