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Re: My 1959 Apache Build

Originally Posted by Daze57 View Post
you have a good starting project --lots of good ppl here and info .
ask all your questions may take a day for a response but you will get some .
i;d say figure out your budget and kind of get an idea of what look you want ;
there is plenty of help hear ........good luck and keep us posted
Thanks Daze, it is a good starter, almost all of the rust repair has been completed by the PO. As for budget, well I want to do things right so I plan to save for each step of the way, it may take me a few years to complete because of this strategy but I want a killer ride at the end :-)

I was on this form a few years ago with a 72 Jimmy that I had, tons of good folks, looking forward to keeping you all updated.
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