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Re: The 1960 - 1966 Chevrolet & GMC Pickups Factory Correct Restoration Thread

Originally Posted by 60-66 View Post
Yelmer , check your part number 3834112 , comes up as the rod assembly FOR the booster. The booster assembly is 3843823-assembly manual or 3848503 1966 parts book, for 1964-1966 and Bendix only.

More info on the 618082 master , this is the Bendix master cylinder, two companies were making master cylinders for GM at this time. The other was Delco / Moraine . Both are assembly line correct. Also look in the assembly manual , it shows the screw on top master cylinder. The date I believe is calendar days of the year out of 365 days ,yours 66th day of ? 1966 ? I have some with 146 and 277.
Thanks for the info. Based on other parts and condition of this truck. I think the m/c and booster are original. Reading your last post, the 66 cast into the m/c is the day(s) cast? Are we thinking a Feb or March cast part? What is your thinking on the Bendix manufacturing timeline. Does the casting numbers start at calendar year or did it start with model year? Thanks again Frank

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