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Re: Working Man's Burbon

Part two of the electrical upgrades. The fuel pump controller. The PO installed an electric fuel pump on the WMB after he had issues with the stock one. He was using a toggle switch on the dash to operate it, which wasn't working for me as I couldn't remember to shut it off. This along with the fact in order to switch the air compressor on/off you had to open the hood to plug/unplug the fuse. As I mentioned in the earlier post I ordered a fuel pump controller from Revolution Electronics.
I installed the pump controller as per the instructions with the supply side of the purple lead coming from the IGN unfused terminal on the fuse block. The other side of the purple went to the 12+ coil lead on a relay I installed by the battery. This purple then continues on to the fuel pump 12 volt positive. Thus the controller contols the air compressor as well as the fuel pump. I was able to use the unfused IGN as the 12+ power source for the fuel pump as the controller has a 7.5 amp circuit breaker built in. The relay switched 12+ power for the compressor is coming from a 20 amp circuit breaker mounted next to the relay.
The controller installation went smooth with no complaints and it works like a charm. The fuel pump and air compressor both run for three seconds after turning the key on and then they shut off. Which is nice as I can then start the engine without the compressor load (8-15 amps depending on the tank pressure.). After the engine starts and the tach signal is received the fuel pump restarts as does the air compressor. As part of this I rewired the 12+ power supply to the HEI. The PO had run a wire from the fuse block to a hole in the firewall to the distributor. I removed that and plugged the hole. Then I cut the old ballast wire off at the firewall plug and connected a regular wire and ran it to the BAT terminal on the HEI. This wire also supplies 12+ to the choke.
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Thanks to Bob and Jeanie and everyone else at Superior Performance for all their great help.
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