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Re: '67 Stepper "Laymond"

Well I tried to spend a little time out in the garage yesterday but it was way too muggy. I gave up after about an hour and went inside.

I've been spending a great deal of my free time reading about the science of brakes over on pro-touring forum. It's been quite interesting for the nerd in me.

I was quite surprised at how good certain combos do and don't work. In fact the combo I originally planned on would be less effective than the route I believe I'm going now and at over 2x the price.

Proposed brake setup:

Wilwood D52 calipers with twin 2.0 pistons
Stock GM 12" rotors
Wilwood D154R rear calipers w/single 2.0 piston and 12.19" rear rotors
Wilwood 7/8" Manual Booster

This setup should yield all the brake performance I need and come in at less than the price of the front rotors I originally planned on going with. I have to keep telling myself I'm building a fun driver instead of a magazine cover truck to keep my ideas/budget in check.
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