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Re: Starter problems and now flex plate

Originally Posted by nonstop View Post
While the starters are suspect, generally hard hot starts, including slow cranking are attributed to high resistance in a circuit. While it may work on your Suburban, it's not working on your truck. Your lights aren't drawing what your starter is, especially when the alternator is not spinning. Take your known good starter off the Sub and throw it on your truck. You will likely get similar symptoms. If for nothing else, high resistance makes the rest of the charging system work harder and shorten their lives. If one size cable worked for everything, there would be no reason for these stores to carry multiple gauges.
I understand what you are saying. Just seems like the newer fully loaded burbs would have much higher demands, but I claim to be no expert. I just start with what's worked in past and try to go from there.

I'm running the battery shut off for multiple reasons, one of which seems to be a draw on battery at times if she sits and the other is an extra layer of anti theft. Maybe the draw is part of the issue, I just haven't tracked it down, but you can very when I get the new starter in it'll be chased down. There just isn't much on this thing.
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