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Re: Starter problems and now flex plate

Pigtails currently go nowhere, but I planned on hooking them to something. I figured if run the negative one to a ground on radiator support, just hadn't done that yet. The positive I've been planning on running into cab for always hot source for electronics with memory, when I get around to installing things like radio.

Yes, I took my drimmel with small grinder to every connection that a cable good to that wasn't bare, clean metal. Then used dielectric grease on fittings to keep corrosion to minimum.

The shutoff switch isn't that old and worked fine with and without it. The specs on it also appear to surpass the required temp and constant for the starter to engage as well as the alternator. I bought the larger si style alt, which I believe is 125amps and the shutoff is 200 amp continuous. Can't recall the quick draw reasons, but it's still more.

I re-read the starter instruction sheet and it says it's common for the onion gear to stick until engine stated, so won't worry about that. It also says check in 6 places on ring gear, which I didn't do and come to think of it, I might have checked where it's hitting a worn tooth, so I'll spin the engine and check again elsewhere. I'll likely bump it with key unless someone says that's a bad idea until I know for certain as it'll be a PIA to turn it over by hand.

I figure the stock style would be ok, but can't easily locate a new one, at least not for much less than I got what should be a good quality mini from speedway.

As for the ground straps on my '03, I realize their are tons of straps...I've cleaned and replaced a lot of them already but can't easily get the ones on the rear, so I'm going to add new ones to duplicate the ones I can't get to, but that's a different problem all together.
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