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Re: Starter problems and now flex plate

Originally Posted by '63GENIII View Post
It sounds like you're on your way to getting it figured out. TBH, I had never given the grounds much thought until I nearly burned my truck down a couple months ago. The battery ground to the engine was just slightly loose, engine kept hard cranking. Thought it was battery terminals. Cleaned them and same thing. Turned out that I didn't tighten the ground stud on the block and the starter was using the copper oil pressure line as the negative and going through the body. Had wires under the dash laying on the copper tubing that got so hot it melted the insulation off of the wires, my defroster ducting (and picking up a new ground path in the process) and producing a ton of smoke. I call that tuition. The truck now has more ground straps than the Denali and they are ALL tight! No issues since.
I didn't have anything that serious, but with first starter the battery terminal on the solenoid loosened up, internally I think, and the negative cable hour so hot I burnt the crap out of my finger when I went tiki check to check to see if it was tight. Replaced all battery cables then with the 4 gauge everyone seemed to say was fine. Glad yours turned out ok'ish!
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