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Re: Adams 67 K10 Build

Been meaning to update this thread for awhile now, Truck is back in storage til spring but I've got it apart to work on a few things.

There mustve been something on the hood when it was primed because the paint started to bubble. The shop resprayed the hood for me and I figured while it was off I should detail the engine bay so I'm just waiting for the weather to warm up a bit before I can proceed further with that.

I had power brakes installed, they still arent working quite right but I'll figure that out soon I hope

Was bleeding the brakes and had to try the slot mags out, may fit these this summer

Here are a few more pictures of the truck.

Feeding grounds for the Chevrolet pickup

Will get more pictures soon

- Adam
1967 K10 292, SM65 Transmission & NP205 Transfer Case

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