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Cool Impressed with our Burb!

Our thirty year old Suburban...doesn't idle well, timed by ear (missing timing tab), egr most likely burnt up, carb is jacked, cat clogged and rusted out, and I'm pretty sure the guy I bought it from at the tire shop didn't balance the tires. I've had everything I need to get her into shape for the last year...except time. I own my own biz and we've been blessed to be swamped with work for the last three years.

Since we've owned the Burb we've had fun running to the local 1/8th mile to tailgate and here and there for this and that, but nothing more than a few miles. I planned on getting her ship-shape before really putting the old girl into service...then, I needed her!

My stepson graduated from Air Force BMT this week and I needed to get seven of us (ranging from one year old to old like me) to San Antonio. I have a couple crew cab diesel rigs, but they don't hold seven bodies, so I decided to prepare the Burb. My preparation consisted of packing spare belts, hoses, plugs and an HEI module into a small toolbox...pointing her South and hitting the road.

The only thing I had to "fix" during our 12 hour trip was to add one quart of oil. I found a no-shake sweet spot at 67-69 mph and she averaged 13 mpg.

I'm impressed!
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