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Re: Impressed with our Burb!

I did have an issue with the intake gaskets. The first set had been sitting in my toolbox for a couple of years and one fell apart when I opened the package. I headed for the nearest 20-mile-away parts store and picked up a set of Edelbrock gaskets that the counter monkey said were his favorite. When I got back and set one of the gaskets on there it didn't fit. Apparently they are for Edelbrock heads which are a smidge taller on the intake side. Note to self...take reading glasses to parts store. Back to the parts store once again. Turned out okay since since somewhere along the way I misplaced the carb studs. Ii picked up two different length sets and was glad I did. I needed a longer one to mount the tv cable, throttle cable bracket. The bracket doesn't line up perfectly straight since the Summit carb base is different than a regular Holley. The bracket tab doesn't index quite right.

We put in a new set of plugs and wires that I had on hand. I'll still have to work on the wire and fuel line routing.

New a/c compressor and oil pressure sending unit too.

The Summit carb fired up and idled like a champ right out of the box. And my messy, hunk of coughing, spitting 350 sounded like a sewing machine even before I moved the distributor. Oil pressure at 30 psi at idle. Nice! Then I noticed an oil leak...bad...running down the back of the motor. At first I thought it might be the rear main, but after jacking it up for room and removing the flex plate cover to take a look-see, I think it's the valve cover gaskets. Those are getting replaced today, so I'll know for sure.

While we were working I got a package from Summit. I guess they should have put it in a pallet cage. No damage to the Western Chassis drop spindles though.
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