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Re: Impressed with our Burb!

Valve covers resealed, painted and no leaks anywhere. I do need to do a bunch of cleaning from stem to stern. It looks like the bottom of the Exxon Valdez.

My wife brought me a selection of her never-wears to brighten up the timing mark on the harmonic balancer. The neon greenish worked great.

On the test drive I noticed a slight lag when I stomped on it and slight overshift going into 3rd so there's some adjusting to do. It does feel like the engine regained a few long lost horses, but it's still a dog. I'm sure the cat is plugged so exhaust work is in order. One major benefit to getting the intake leaks sealed up is that yesterday was the first time since I bought the Burb that the exhaust smell doesn't burn your eyes. Progress!
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