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Re: Impressed with our Burb!

Thanks guys!

The interior is in pretty good shape. The dash pad needs replaced, but the carpet and headliner are okay.The back seat is perfect and the third row has one cigarette melt spot in it, but otherwise it's fine. The buckets have pretty bad wear, but I'm not sure if I'll redo them since the wife wants a bench. I'll get some pics once I remove all the parts boxes.

The two-tone paint has become four or five-tone since the clear started peeling. Somewhere down the line it'll be the lighter metallic blue with a white roof (I think.)

My wife is out team sorting with her buds today so I'm in charge of the circus. While the two little clowns were busy trading blows, I removed (pried, banged, shredded) the OE shift knob. The replacement is a vintage one from non other than Monkey Wards. It came unopened from old stock and contained an assortment of sleeves. I just test fit it for now.

I have a new steering wheel, but not the adapter. Metal flake a coming.
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