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Re: 77 c10 5.3ls turbo

Got the truck back from the tuner, pouring ran so I couldn't get on it. He tuned it while dry and said my turbo, tranny, torque converter, rear end all seemed setup real nice and well matched. I was happy to hear that.

Tuner gave me a list of things I need to do.

Turbo was blowing a smoke when he got on it. I had the oil input and exit ports close to horizontal, he clocked it close to vertical. He also told me that the fitting on the turbo oil exit line is a 90 and I should make it a straight fitting. If it still has blow by he can put a small restrictor in the input line to slow the flow of oil.

Waste gate was blowing at 3lbs which was fine for his tuning purposes but he told me to find a 10lb spring.

VSS wasn't signaling so it occasionally dies while stopped.

PCV system needs to be entirely reworked, I left the OEM. With boost it needs to be reworked.

He said with what I got going and my sticky Nittos I should be able to get into the 11's with a 10lb spring. Not sure about that but we'll see this summer.
1977 Chevy C10 SB, Turbo 5.3ls, TH400
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