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Re: pls post pixs of 67-72 Panels

Thanks, Robb. I need/want to have my drivetrain complete by spring. That's the big plan, but like you, I have lots of little details to deal with also. I guess I need to thin down the motor collection some. Now that I have the one I want, I can get rid of some of the others. I have a 2nd gen 350 out of a junked-out boat and a 327 out of a junked-out 'Burb. My friends kid wants the 327 for his '67 Chevelle project, but I'm gonna make him trade me something for it. Maybe a fender or something. I also have a complete, running 230, 2 complete and running 250's, everything but the block for another 250 and a dis-assmbled 292 of questionable worthy-ness.

79Wagon, good to see another panel being saved! Welcome to the club!
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