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Re: "The Bucket" project diary

11/29 thru 12/4/10:
Between work, getting dark earlier with the time change, birthday parties, & Christmas just around the corner, it's hard to get much of anything accomplished. But then again every little bit counts...

*Got the rear 56" springs out from under the parts donor truck just before the junkyard man hauled it off.
* A friend had a mid 70's 2wd 3/4 ton sitting in his yard, that he said we could have anything off it we wanted before it went to scrap. So got its steering box (for crossover setup) and a like new CB antenna...all for free!
Then spent an hour & a whole can of oven cleaner to get all the years of crud cleaned off it. Over the years & other projects, there's an old cooler in the corner of the shop that has gathered spare rod ends & such, so hopefully enough in the stash to cover all we'll need.
* Traded a board member some softtop hardware for this Cobra CB & have 2 monster PA speakers off the donor truck. This will be a fun setup to harass people with!
* The B&M pistol grip shifter was taken apart & anodized purple by a friend. It'll add a little bling to the interior. I plan on fabbing up a console that will let the shifter sit down in it with just the handle sticking out & also getting a matching handle the same style for the transfer shifter.
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