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Re: 41 or 46 truck?

Originally Posted by Javelin360 View Post
I talked to the DMV and getting a title issued (due to the age of the truck) entails some paperwork a vin/engine # inspection and signoff by the local Justice of the Peace. This is easy since I went to Highschool with the Sheriff and I've known the JoP for forty years.

title it on the plate number on the firewall, not the engine number, in case you change it.

1941 tag ID starts with a number (production plant ID) and then an A for production year 1941, so a kansas city built 1941 will be 5A and the next letter is the truck body style. a 1/2 ton would be a K and a 3/4 an L, so a 1941 3/4 ton would be 5AL

1942 was the same, except the year would be a B. not many 1942s out there

1945 would be a C. not many out there.

1946 would be a D. a half ton 1946 made in KC would be a 5DK prefix.

I can tell the 41s by the rear window like Cshades said, but also by the front parking lights, 1941 was the pontiac die cast assemblies, 42-46 were stamped steel. also the headliners were one piece in 1941. also the dash knobs were square in 1941. for 1942 and 1945, they mostly looked like 1946 but the window cranks and inner door handles were bakelite instead of die cast, and the outer door handles were stamped steel, from war shortages.

good luck!
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