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Re: Choosing front sway bar

Originally Posted by randy500 View Post
The other method which is the cheapest if you need ground clearance such as for those concrete parking stops is to eliminate the frame bracket in picture 1 and mount the front of the bar directly to the frame, this is necessary when the A arms are level or close to level with the frame on very low trucks, this was the "trick" in the 80's on lowered trucks, still works today....
Look under your truck and see how far the A arms are in relation to the frame to see if it will work. You can get a used bar on the parts forum here too.
Ya, I'd love to mount directly to frame if I can, pending clearance. That would be ideal for ground clearance. Every used bar I have found is upwards of $80 and would need all new bushings/ frame brackets, etc. I don't see the savings there for me. Thanks for the reply!
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