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Re: Choosing front sway bar

Originally Posted by HO455 View Post
I just put a 1 1/4" stock bar on my Burban. It was $40 bucks at the wrecking yard pulled. Two of the straps were missing and one of the center ones was smashed. Trip to the parts store for two sets of 1 1/4" energy suspension bushings ($18.40 each). Removed the factory stands for the bushings and found that the sway bar hit when the front was aired out. So I modified the stands and bolted it up. $78.80 invested and the truck drives SO MUCH BETTER! I could have spent less if I went to the u-pull-it and gotten one with all the straps in good condition. I have pictures and more info on my Working Man's Burban thread page 8 about half way down. (The WMB link below) I believe you could run a bar without the bushing stands with a 4 or 6 inch drop.
Very cool, thanks for the reply. I'll definitely try and mount it up without frame brackets and go from there.

Originally Posted by diggerbob View Post
I put ECE on my truck. No regrets.
Good to know, especially since it's essentially a remake of the factory 1 1/4" bar. Thanks for the reply.
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