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Re: Say it ain't so: Wet plug on 454

To each their own - I've been using Schaeffer's 7000 (15w40>10w30 the last two changes) and I have peace of mind with their formulation of zinc and moly. I also don't think the engine needs any internal cleaning because of the regular diet of Schaeffer's. Trying to band-aid the deterioration of the original 32 year old seals and gaskets with additives isn't my plan for this engine. Not that some of them don't work, but I intend to do whatever I can to see this engine another 125K - I can do any work short of rebuild machining that's necessary so all that's needed for any repairs is time and parts money.

I'm towing a CJ7 to St. Louis (700 mi. round-trip) with the truck next week and just want to minimize any chance of hiccups during the trip.
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