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Re: Show lowered 88-98 trucks

Originally Posted by 91short View Post
Nice truck m00n1957, I really like the headlights in that grille and the gauges! Is that an original 454 truck? What trans do you have in it?
i would never carve up an original. i always wanted an original but never found one i could afford so i made me one like i thought chevy should have made one. the late grills looked best to me and i always loved black-on-chrome instead of blacked-out so thats the reason for the chrome front and the headlights give it a "mean" kinda look in that grill. this one was born with a 4.3, i'm running the nv3500 5 speed for now, when it dies i have a turbo 400. it cruises at 70 at 2000 rpm in 5th so i'm happy with the trans for now. i always hated the moon guages so i fixed that too. 702 closed heads, comp 268 extreme energy cam, 750 edelbrock (for now). thanks.
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