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Another ls swap from a new guy

Hey all. Been lurking a long time and just joined. Getting started on a 6.0/4l60e swap. Going into a 71 K20. Truck currently has a mid 70's 454, TH350 and a 205. So far I've put in a new wire harness from AAW replaced the carb and intake with edelbrocks and undone a lot of handy work from previous owners. I bought a complete 2001 Yukon Denali for a donor vehicle for $1,000. So far plans include keeping the stock radiator and welding in a bung for the steam line and using windstar fans. Motor mounts are sliders I bought on Amazon and have some plans drawn up to build a clean, simple bolt in crossmember. Transmission to transfer case will be a 205 using a 6 to four bolt adapter followed by a spacer to take up the length of the trans output shaft. Both from advance adapters. That'll leave about a 1/2 inch to trim off the shaft and it will be completely bolt together rather than changing the shaft while leaving the t-case in the stock position and moving the motor forward shy of a couple inches. For the fuel system I'll use the stock tank and pump regulator combo from speedway. I'll do my best to keep this updated. Anyway, questions, comments or suggestions are always welcome. I'm still figuring out how to correctly do the picture thing but, here is the recipient, donor and some of today's greasy work. So far the worst part was getting the DBW wire harness separate from rest of the harness
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