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Re: A/C condenser

Originally Posted by hatzie View Post
You should be able to get parallel flow condensers with inlet and outlets on either end. They won't just drop in you'll have to make up brackets to mount em.
The one I linked to will drop in - it is a parallel flow design replacement.

Honestly, as long as it's not contaminated by black death, the original condenser is so big it's not necessary to get a parallel flow unit. Flush the old oil and crud out of all the hard lines, Evaporator, and condenser. Then replace the dryer/accumulator.
It is big, but those tube/fin units just aren't efficient enough.

One thing to keep in mind about replacement compressors is the oil it ships with will be of unknown pedigree and contaminated with water. I always dump it out and re-fill with fresh clean oil from an unopened container
Great advice
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