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Re: 97 sierra ext cab build

Originally Posted by lucky_7 View Post
Yes I am more worried about tire/fender clearance, I drive responsibly as my youth taught me a great deal about safe driving......(I was once a horrible driver). I can however still get a different size tire for the front if needed, (suggestions?) As for under the truck, it looks like there's nothing hanging low enough to drag at 4/6, I will measure again before the surgery...

I'm going to stick with black wheels right now, as they seem to go with most colors. And the powder coat might be a little expensive, the local shop charges 65 a wheel but they do not use a acid wash, so I'm going to try an epoxy spray paint. My friend informed me it was much more durable than other paints.

On the exhaust I'm thinking 2 flow masters dumped before the diff, I think they sound the best when the sound has a chance to "bounce" a little underneath the bed. I also might get some headers. Not sure yet...any clearance issues there?

So more on the drop, what it the best way to cut out the mini notch, I have access to a torch, multiple saws, grinders, drills, and welder. I will only have 2 1/2 days to work on it when I do it so a lot of prep is good for me. On the front, spindles should keep the camber straight, right?
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Sounds good on the paint. What's the width on those wheels? As for exhaust, that should be fine if you don't mind any droning that occurs. I ran Gibson stainless shorty headers on my old truck. I'll let the experts chime in about cutting for the notch, as I had that professionally done as well.

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