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Re: 97 sierra ext cab build

Originally Posted by Restrorob View Post
On the mufflers, Be prepared to install some kind of exit pipes..... Exhaust drone gets old pretty quick especially on 1/2 hr or longer trips.

I'm run'n Hooker Comp long tubes and bottom the K without the headers hitting so you shouldn't have any issues there.

Does your truck have duels on it now ?

On the notch, I prefer a grinder with chop/cut-off blades. They make a nicer cleaner cut and less chance of burning your truck down with a torch.....

Spindles shouldn't throw your alignment out much to worry about, but adding springs will require re-alignment.
Stock exhaust right now, this truck is all original....and thanks for the advice on the notch...

Originally Posted by likaroc13 View Post
Sounds good on the paint. What's the width on those wheels? As for exhaust, that should be fine if you don't mind any droning that occurs. I ran Gibson stainless shorty headers on my old truck. I'll let the experts chime in about cutting for the notch, as I had that professionally done as well.
8'' steel wheels.

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