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Re: Just got a 85 GMC SWB are the LS swaps that hard?

Originally Posted by gmachinz View Post
Well I will not comment on the price ranges you stated-but I will say theres a huge difference between trucks with an obvious LS swap vs trucks with one that is so clean it appears factory-nobody seems to appreciate a really well done LS conversion. Now, if the install looks shabby AND you paid those install prices, then yes I'd say they are crazy. But keep in mind shops have to pay for their employees and I dont think you'd want some knuckle dragger working on your clean truck half assing everything right? Its always going to be probably half as much or better doing it all yourself-but thats how it is with everything. The days of a $500 motor/trans swap are long gone lol (sad to say)
That's a fair comment I'd say...
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