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Re: Big Blue Burb

Slow progress... I've been distracted with work and Grad School so I haven't been able to work on the truck, so I decided to take it to a local mechanic to get work done.

Still waiting on them to give me quotes, but I asked them to do an oil change (I have no clue when it was last done), tune up, and to see what was wrong with the steering, as it was way too loose for comfort. The only update I have is that they need to shim the starter, it wasn't making good contact, so it was difficult to start.

I also bought 2 gallons each of sound and heat Lizard Skin. I also bought a roll of Thermal Insulation to add on top of the Lizard skin. My dad is coming up for Easter and is bringing his welder again to fix the rocker panels and the other taillight section. I'll probably do the Lizard Skin prep then also.
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