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Re: Grandpa's C10 Silverado Restoration Project

Finally got my hands back on this and knocked a couple things off the list.

Swapped the tires to white letters out. Looks much better!

And revived the AC last weekend! New compressor (man it was hard to fine the right one -- there are so many different R4 compressors!), new accumulator. Was going to install a new orifice tube -- but had a bit of an issue. The line was actually bent where the tube was, so i had trouble getting the new one in. I pinched it a tad trying to straighten it out, making the problem worse. I ended up breaking the new orifice tube, so i cleaned and reused the old one. It was in good shape, just a little gunked up. Cleaned it up, dremeled it down a tad to fit into the tube (the seal is unaffected), popped it in and sealed her back up.

Vacuum tested and recharged with R134a and PAG oil, and blows about 50 degrees (it was 80 or 85 outside). A little cooler when driving and getting some air to the condenser.

I did have to adjust the low-pressure switch. I adjusted 1/8 of a turn for a couple less PSI. It was kicking off on a cooler day when hitting the throttle. Seems to be holding a charge.

Oh, one other hiccup -- the new brand new compressor (4-seasons) had the clutch spring on too tight -- ZERO air gap. So had to borrow the tool from Advance Auto to put a little air gap in it. It was making a bunch of noise -- now running perfect.
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