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Re: Here n' There (Pics, videos, updates, etc.)

Thank ya.

So! After restoring the Suburban to operational status my then-fiance and my sister (NOT one in the same ) suggested we follow through with a plan I'd thrown out earlier in the fall when we first started planning the wedding, to include the 'Burb and my white GMC in the ceremony... So my groomsman and I ran them all through the car wash and made a convoy out of it:
L to R = '89 E-150 (300-6/C6), '73 Cadillac Sedan DeVille (472/TH400), '85 GMC C3500 (454/TH400), and the 'Burb.

So the whole bridal procession (except me, the pastor, the bride, and her father) came down to the ceremony site in the 'Burb, after which her dad drove her up in the GMC (fitting that it was white) and walked her down the aisle. Then after tying the knot we all ran back down the aisle, piled in the Suburban and drove away.

Giving my new bride a lift over to the spot the photographer wanted to take the portraits at.

I'm slowly dialing in the new cam and have an excuse to drive 'er once or twice a week. And the Mrs. is thankfully supportive of keeping it and fixing it up... though she's more comfortable driving the 6-speed in the Cruze than the big, groaning NP435 for now. :P
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1967 C10 Suburban, 350/NP435, Green/Green, PS, PB, HD cooling, charging, shocks, and springs.

1985 GMC C3500 SRW, Sierra Classic, 454/TH400, white/blue.
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