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1972 Jimmy Resurrection

Well, this, like most old vehicles has turned into more of a project than I had wanted but it's still a great find. I thought I'd throw together a quick build thread. The plan is to have her on the road for the summer, which comes in June in the Canadian Rocky Mountains and paint her in the fall. So far I've run into; rodents living in the cowl, a silver dollar sized rust hole under the passenger seat the previous owner fixed with duct tape, a very tired 350 and toasted TH350. The body is very solid and thats why I took months to find the right truck to start with. Welding in patches is time consuming and in my experience a little rust always turns into ten times the work you thought it would be. I've learned the hard way a few times find the best and most complete vehicle to start with. A cheap rust bucket has been false economy when I've gone that route in the past.

So far I've done; ORD 4" rear shackle flip, 4" front spring lift with flush mount frame bushings, extended brake lines, yanked the old power train and started the color change. I Patched the small hole in floor, pulled off the rocker panels which were held on with four very poor plug welds and low and behold the lower cowl supports were crusty! I'll never understand why people don't do it right the first time, why weld new rockers to a rusted out pillar ? The inner rocker and floor are solid and intact at least.

The to do list; Spray in a high quality box liner now that I've fixed what rust I did have in the floor, get the new power train in and drive it for the summer. In the fall I'll take a week off and knock down the wonderful paint job the last owner did and spray the new color. I'm sure there will be more surprises but here it goes. The project, as I bought it .... good from far but the paint job is terrible.

Here she is as I found it
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