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Re: 1972 Jimmy Resurrection

I've had a few go in the past and took a few stitches despite the gloves but this one was a claymore mine. I will see the aftermath tomorrow at the surgeons office when they unwrap it. In the big picture, I'll have an ugly but functional monkey claw. Never having had aspirations to be a hand model I'm a lucky guy. I should be able to run the fly rod fine just about the time the fishing really picks up in the Canadian rockies. A friend of mine is a safety consultant in the oil patch and told me a horrifying story about a fellow that had a grinder climb the string on his hoodie ....... not as rosy of an outcome as my accident. I'll be back at it soon I think. Thanks for the kind words.

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There, but for the grace of god, go I, and probably a bunch of us. Sorry to hear about your injury. I just had one fly apart the other day and caught not a single piece of it. Lucky. Hurry back, I was really looking forward to you motivating me to work harder on mine! Really in need of it, heavy snow here in northern Michigan this morning had me in a very bad mood and not wanting to do anything!
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