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Re: 67 volt gauge pinout

Originally Posted by lutronjim View Post
I am trying to rework an old gauge dash and am planning to install a 67 volt meter instead of the amp gauge.

I saw one that used the noninsulated pin (top pin in photo) as ground and the left insulated pin (botton left pin in photo) as switched 12v. Makes one wonder what the botton right pin is for.

Have I got this correct? Thanks
Yes, the center upper stud is ground and the one on the left (in your photo from the back side)will get you battery voltage. I am not sure what the other stud is for myself but do know it will peg the gauge over to 18 volts if you apply 12 volts to it.

Make sure to eliminate power from your amp gauge through the circuit board. pins #1 and #12 on the connector. Make sure they have no power with key on.

Let me know if you need more help. I make volt gauge conversions kits for $100.00 plus shipping if interested. It will look like a factory volt gauge for a 67-72 truck.
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