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Re: 67 volt gauge pinout

Originally Posted by lutronjim View Post
Another question. I looked about what I have to cut to install gauge. Beside cutting the ears I will have to slice off the bottom to match the original amp gauge I think to let dash light illuminate the gauge.

Can anyone tell me what the need of the 'hood' on top of the original gauges was for?

The "hood"s just there to direct light. If there was no hood then you could see light from the back with no shielding.

I have done what your doing before and it is a pain. My suggestion is the drill out the small rivets on both and transfer your stock amp gauge face to the volt gauge. I use 4-40 stainless screws with nuts to secure. It will set in the same spot as the volt gauge face but fit your cluster like it should. You can also use the stock amp gauge needle. You would need to apply power and ground, then meter that. I use a 10 amp battery charger and a volt meter to see what the voltage actually is and place the needle accordingly.

What you end up with is a volt gauge set up that looks like a stock amp gauge.
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