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89-91 Blazer & Jimmy V/R VIN sequence?

This is a complete shot in the dark.
Are the VINs in order as they came off the line?
Last five of mine are 28650. Last yr for Jimmy they made 3025 or so for all world markets.
Now I have a thing I do when it comes to guesstimating a date on a truck.
Pull out ashtray and look on bottom. There is a month and yr stamped in it. If truck is original, almost safe to say it was built within a month or two of the date.
Problem is my new to me '91 Jimmy has a date of 05/91 on the ashtray. That means truck was built after June of 1991.
GMT400 for 1992 would have been headed to the dealer lots by then for fall sales.
Don't its rare or anything. Just curious where it falls in the line.
Wonder what model & when the last Jimmy rolled off the line.
Think I have too much time on my hands...
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