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Re: 89-91 Blazer & Jimmy V/R VIN sequence?

Not always.

Some plants have an accumulator, or body bank, between the cab shop and paint, and then another between paint and trim. This allows for shuffling the vehicles before descending to the final line in order to balance the workload (ie, can't have too many A/C jobs in a row, can't have too many manual trans vehicles in a row, can't have too many cab running light vehicles in a row, etc) or to keep the final line running in the event of a breakdown upstream.

Plants such as Baltimore and Fremont did not have any accumulators and built straight through. Those vehicles would be in VIN order, except that they built multiple nameplates (Buicks had one prefix and sequence, Olds had another, and Chevy had another).

Plants like the home plant in Pontiac Michigan and in Flint, where your vehicle was built, have the body banks and so vehicles can be shuffled. Additionally, Flint built both Chevrolet and GMC nameplates, which had separate VIN sequence numbers (Chevy started with 100001, GMC started with 500001).

So - no. There will be a global trend of VIN sequence numbers within those various families but you would not be able to tell with certainty if a specific vehicle came off the line immediately before another.

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